Reflections: next steps

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The space between semesters is always an ideal time for me to get things done. Other job responsibilities are still present, but I also have the luxury of less pressure and time to breathe and think. I’ve been reasonably productive in the last few weeks, starting where I left off last year—experimenting with letterforms. Even though I swore never again, I’ve produced some more animated experiments too. Surprisingly, I also got around to posting some of this work to Instagram, something I’ve been trying to do for a few years now. One of the results is above, approaching an image I made last year, but reducing the visual complexity. I kinda think it works, but also think I’m starting to spin my wheels at the same time.

So, this small chunk of work represents a turning point, as I’ve been able to reflect on my work and believe it needs to evolve. To date, I’ve stuck with either individual letterforms or short statements to use, but a supervisor brought up the topic of content last year, and ever since it has bugged me. The ‘slogan’ has been perfect for this stage of the overall project, but now is the time to start raising the stakes. From now on I’ll be thinking harder about the words I use, rather than just how they look…

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