Don’t Bend Stay Strange

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Don’t Bend Stay Strange 2016

First attempt as a largish scale mural. The quote is by David Bowie — the advice he gave the band TV on the Radio. I quite like the quote, it works in the location (Liveworm studio, a student design studio) and with the larger scale project I’m working on too.

Mural painting seems so easy when you see others doing it… but, lessons were learnt! I have so much respect for those who do this often.

Issues round up:

  • When I thought about the larger scale, I thought it would be a good idea to add more detail to some of the letterforms. Lesson: the extra detail can’t be seen from a distance, so not worth the extra effort.
  • I couldn’t get the exact colours I wanted and had to adjust my plans mid-paint when I realised the replacement colours I had picked were too close in tone. The final colours, Glow Magenta and Turquoise by Permaplastik. Lesson: needed to have started the process much earlier.
  • I also realised that working this way just takes way longer than you expect. The initial design was a solid days work (even with most of the letters pre-drawn from past projects). Four hours to sketch out the drawing on the wall (using a projector). Two solid days to paint. It still needs another coat in many places too! Lesson: block out enough time, then double it!

But, even with those issues, really happy that I pulled it off. Have had some positive feedback. I’m thinking all of my studio work will culminate in an exhibition, so great practice as I imagine at least one mural will be involved for that. I’ll be much better prepared!

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