Experimenting with Augmented Reality (AR) as an activist tool

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No Bodies Perfekt and That’s Ok 2017

I originally looked into Augmented Reality years ago when it was the ‘next big thing’ in marketing circles. It was one of those things that was just too hard and time intensive to work out at the time. Apart from Pokemon Go, it never seemed to take off anyway. Earlier this year someone was showing me an exhibition they had been to featuring Augmented Reality animations. Long story short, I’ve come back to looking at Augmented Reality and have discovered plenty has changed. Many of the browsers of five years ago have closed or been bought out, and the remaining ones are fairly easy to navigate. There has been some pretty good activist campaigns using Augmented Reality too like in Occupy Wall Street and the recent Venezuelan elections.

This experiment was produced using the Layar AR Browser and an animated GIF. It reskins a super large banner in a nearby shopping centre. I did discover some issues with the browser not picking up the banner because of the distance between my iPhone and it, hence the weird angle and portrait format. It seems to work best with something close, with not too many other visuals around. Something to keep in mind for future projects.

Hoping to experiment more with this tool for a bit anyway. A great way to push my work into a more activist space while being non-destructive. It would be great to build my own app with my own browser… and while this is possible… time is a bit of a luxury this year.


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