Lost & Found mural for Brisbane City Council

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Now that it’s all done and dusted, here are a couple of photos my mural Lost & Found, painted for the Brisbane City Council Brisbane Canvas program. In a few short years, this program has funded some fantastic art around town. There are seven other walls being painted this year as part of the same program, including work by Sophia … Read More

Painting the Lost & Found mural in Teneriffe, Brisbane

David SargentMural

Time lapse of my recent mural painted for Brisbane City Council as part of their Brisbane Canvas program. The mural will also be included in the 2018 Brisbane Street Art Festival. I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘street artist’, but I guess it’s art, and it’s on the street? Either way, the other people included are fantastic at what they do, … Read More

Mural for Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Canvas program

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Excited to have been selected as one of the Brisbane Canvas artists for 2018. Brisbane Canvas is a fantastic initiative where the council selects a number of blank walls around the city and promotes and open expression of interest for artists to pitch their ideas. I’ll be painting an Art Deco inspired mural in Teneriffe, Brisbane. Will publish pics when … Read More

Don’t Bend Stay Strange

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Don’t Bend Stay Strange 2016 Acrylic First attempt as a largish scale mural. The quote is by David Bowie — the advice he gave the band TV on the Radio. I quite like the quote, it works in the location (Liveworm studio, a student design studio) and with the larger scale project I’m working on too. Mural painting seems so easy when you see others … Read More