Bikeway at Risk: Augmented Reality protest

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Bikeway at Risk 2017

A fun little Augmented Reality experiment this morning, adding a Monty Python-esque detail to the construction cladding for Queens Wharf. The animated tongue exclaims ‘BIKEWAY AT RISK’.

The Bicentennial Bikeway is the busiest active transport route in all of Queensland with 6500 people using it every day (including me!). One of the many problems with the new Queens Wharf Mega Casino development is the proposal to convert this section of the bikeway into a mixed use plaza / events space. Think of it like putting a park on a freeway — it’s going to be bad for all concerned. This is my small contribution to adding more awareness around the issue, drawn using Procreate on the iPad Pro, animated (clumsily) using Adobe Photoshop, and augmented using Layar.

If you want to know more about the development, you can visit the Economic Development Queensland page and search for the development DEV2017/846. For what it’s worth, you can email them to let the government know you think it’s a bad idea until October 19 2017.

In other related news, the new iPhone iOS now allows you to record your screen natively! This is massive as I used to have to jump through some serious hoops using some slightly dodgy apps to do this in the past.

If you want to see the augmentation in person, you can download the free LayAR app and scan it yourself. It will be active until the end of October 2017. Watch out for bikes when doing it!


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