#SubvertTheCity co-ordinates ad takeovers across the globe

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I’ve been keenly watching the Subvertisers International for a little while now. They’ve been connecting different activist groups and individuals together in an attempt to push back against advertising which is ‘invading our public spaces and co-opting our media in an effort to promote the endless consumption of goods, services and brands’. 25 March 2018 was deemed #SubvertTheCity day, with co-ordinated activities … Read More

More body image related Augmented Reality outcomes

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  I’ve spent the last six weeks or so augmenting over as many different advertising images that I could find, which has been heaps of fun to do. It’s interesting once you get in the mindset of looking at advertising everywhere you go: some of it just makes no sense whatsoever, some of it is just really bad, and plenty … Read More

Conference: CreateWorld 2017 Presentation

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I’ll be presenting a conference paper Repurposing Augmented Reality Browsers for Acts of Creative Subversion at this years Apple University Consortium (AUC) CreateWorld Conference. It’s all about my initial experiments figuring out how to use Augmented Reality as an activist tool. I’ll be talking a little bit about my failures too, including the above video! I ambitiously tried to augment the … Read More

Bikeway at Risk: Augmented Reality protest

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Bikeway at Risk 2017 A fun little Augmented Reality experiment this morning, adding a Monty Python-esque detail to the construction cladding for Queens Wharf. The animated tongue exclaims ‘BIKEWAY AT RISK’. The Bicentennial Bikeway is the busiest active transport route in all of Queensland with 6500 people using it every day (including me!). One of the many problems with the new … Read More

Exhibition: Project Passion 2017

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Honoured to have been included in the Project Passion exhibition at Minnesota State University. This year, they have the theme of  ‘collaboration’. As luck would have it, I was working on a collaborative project anyway, so the exhibition just added a deadline to it (always very helpful in getting things moving). The exhibition is running from September 18 to October 10, 2017. My contribution is … Read More

New Work in 2017

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Appearance Does Not Equal Value 2017 No Bodies Perfekt 2017 Who Profits From Your Insecurities? 2017 A few outcomes produced in January. I’m keen to investigate printing onto mirrored acrylic, a technique I first saw last year and was really excited by it. If it works the way I’m hoping, I’ll produce these as full height mirrored prints. All three aim to … Read More

Don’t Bend Stay Strange

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Don’t Bend Stay Strange 2016 Acrylic First attempt as a largish scale mural. The quote is by David Bowie — the advice he gave the band TV on the Radio. I quite like the quote, it works in the location (Liveworm studio, a student design studio) and with the larger scale project I’m working on too. Mural painting seems so easy when you see others … Read More