Experimenting with Augmented Reality (AR) as an activist tool

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No Bodies Perfekt and That’s Ok 2017 I originally looked into Augmented Reality years ago when it was the ‘next big thing’ in marketing circles. It was one of those things that was just too hard and time intensive to work out at the time. Apart from Pokemon Go, it never seemed to take off anyway. Earlier this year someone was showing me … Read More

New Work in 2017

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Appearance Does Not Equal Value 2017 No Bodies Perfekt 2017 Who Profits From Your Insecurities? 2017 A few outcomes produced in January. I’m keen to investigate printing onto mirrored acrylic, a technique I first saw last year and was really excited by it. If it works the way I’m hoping, I’ll produce these as full height mirrored prints. All three aim to … Read More

Don’t Bend Stay Strange

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Don’t Bend Stay Strange 2016 Acrylic First attempt as a largish scale mural. The quote is by David Bowie — the advice he gave the band TV on the Radio. I quite like the quote, it works in the location (Liveworm studio, a student design studio) and with the larger scale project I’m working on too. Mural painting seems so easy when you see others … Read More

New toys: iPad Pro and Procreate app

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Challenge Perfektion 2016 Digital illustration I’ve been looking at getting an iPad Pro ever since they came out, and glad I finally did. I’m hoping it will save me some time creating images — my current workflow is to draw everything manually, scan it in and then assemble / colour in Photoshop. When you’re dealing with multiple lettering styles for … Read More

Kromatttic speculative typeface design

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  Kromatttic 2016 Speculative typeface design This was my submission to the ProtoType Speculative Typeface exhibition held alongside TypeCon this year — a hyper chromatic type design called Kromatttic. It unfortunately didn’t make the cut for the exhibition — the ones that did were all really quite excellent, so no complaints. I’d created most of the letters for previous images, … Read More

Who benefits from you feeling bad about yourself?

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Who Benefits From You Feeling Bad About Yourself? 2016 Digital illustration I spent a lot of time crafting the wording for this image — multiple drafts over a few months actually until I was happy. The original was much longer, but when I started to create the image was just far too complicated. I’ve intended it to be read two … Read More

No Bodies Perfekt

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No Bodies Perfekt 2016 Digital illustration Continuing along the same path I have been this year, looking at combining and overlapping type to communicate diversity. Happy with the text I came up with for this outcome which explores the idea of including grammatical and spelling errors. Combining this technique with forcing myself to overlay ‘successful’ letterforms with less ‘perfect’ letterforms really … Read More

From slogans to aphorisms

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The Images you Compare Yourself to are Not Real 2016 digital illustration In an effort to consider the written content as well as the visual, I spent a bit of time looking further into prevention campaigns that combat body image related issues. The result was the above aphorism (my definition: kind of like a slogan, but with a bit more substance behind … Read More

Reflections: next steps

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The space between semesters is always an ideal time for me to get things done. Other job responsibilities are still present, but I also have the luxury of less pressure and time to breathe and think. I’ve been reasonably productive in the last few weeks, starting where I left off last year—experimenting with letterforms. Even though I swore never again, I’ve produced some more … Read More

The problem with photography

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A common question that people ask when I am explaining my research project (at least, trying my best to) is ‘what’s the problem with using photography?’. After a bunch of reading and thinking about it the reason is as clear as day for me, but, I can see why people would ask. So, this post aims to explain it the best … Read More